Chaos, Inc. Promotional Campaign


The Quest for Greater Chaos!

     This space is reserved to help make Chaos, Inc. the #1 comic on Keenspace and to spread the Chaos!  So, to aid the Inc.lings in their quest, we will be creating a series of promotional ideas and goodies for you to use.  Feel like creating your own promotional items?  We want to see them!  Send them to me and we'll throw them all onto this lovely promotional page for others to use.   Keep your eyes open for other goodies such as windows themes/wallpapers and anything else our devious minds can concoct.

- Lackey Beth

Promotional Desktop Goodies
800x600 Wallpaper (40.9 KB)
Created By Lackey Beth
1024x768 Wallpaper (103 KB)
Created By Lackey Beth

Promotional Items For Webdesign
Linking to Chaos, Inc. with your webpage

Promotional Posters
Color Poster (67 KB)
Created By Lackey Beth
Black and White Poster (76 KB)
Created By Lackey Beth

Promotion Through Clicking
     These buttons appears on the main page of Chaos Inc.  Give them a click daily to help promote the Chaos!

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More General Coolness

The LarsWood RPG!  Go DL the Demo now.

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